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Our names are Hannah and Dima. We are an independent Barcelona-based film director and cinematographer family. We met on the film set and fell in love at first sight.

Last three years, we have shot together a lot of commerce, music videos and short films. Some of them won awards at international film festivals.

So, here is our showreel:

These days we are working on The Cult - the new animated sci-fi miniseries where we will tell the story of the great victory of the heart over the mind.

We know that this story will fundamentally change people's minds.

We feel wholehearted that this series must be independent and have a voice far away from large industry.

This is why we have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign here.


Step One - Graphic Novel

For the detailed development of the season, we will need to create concept arts and a storyboard.

They usually disappear somewhere in the archives after filming. And no one remembers them anymore. But we want to give them a second life.

They usually disappear somewhere in the archives after filming. And no one remembers them anymore. But we want to give them a second life.

Therefore, we will produce a graphic novel.

The two-volume book will be published in a limited edition for our patrons. Each book will contain a personalized dedication.

In addition, we will publish new NFTs as the novel progresses.

The conditions for gaining early access to a novel depend on the currency and marketplace.

For Euro and Dollar they are described on GoFundMe, for ETH on Foundation and Mirror.

We publish up-to-date information on these sites, as well as on our Twitter, discord and on this website in the news section.

Our first goal is 12 000 € or 10 ETH. This amount is enough to hire a 3D artist and a 2D illustrator to start creating the first volume.

3D artists build environments, props and characters in 3D software.

Then Hannah blocks the scene, and Díma sets up the lights and adjusts the cameras.

Afterwards, we render images and necessary technical passes for the 2D artist, who draws over them in illustration package software.

Step Two - Art Village

We begin preparations for the series as soon as the second volume is ready.

We will start producing props, sets, characters and costumes.

We want to achieve total immersion in the process, so we organize all pre-production and production in our friends' country house.

It is the best place to set up an independent studio, workshops and a filming pavilion.

For our patrons, we will organise regular tours and workshops with the possibility of staying in the Art Village.

You will be able to see with your own eyes the process of creating a graphic novel and shooting an animated series.

Meet all team members in person.

We will publish weekly progress reports here, on our social networks and in our app.

Step Three - Production

Now we have everything we need: a script, a detailed storyboard, a shooting schedule, main and secondary characters, costumes, props, sets, camera, lights, a pavilion and a great crew.

And of course, with us your energy and support.

Stop-motion is not a quick process.

So we can do a lot of post-production in parallel with the filming process. The composer creates the music. A sound engineer works on synchronized noises. Colorists and VFX artists perfect every shot.

Step Four


Our series is almost ready. All that's left is the voiceover and final sound mixing.

We are sure that at this stage, The Cult will get enough attention from the producers, and we will be able to invite famous actors and musicians to do the voiceover.


The long-awaited moment of the premiere arrives.

Undoubtedly, the leading streaming companies will be interested in buying the rights to the series.

Therefore, before negotiations begin, we will set up an NFT and use a smart contract to distribute the rights to our donors in proportion to the donations made.

This is how donations become an investment.

Together, we will fill our series with great power and love that will change people's minds.

The world needs this kind of work.

With love & hug,
Díma and Hannah.

Thank you for your support!

We keep working on

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